Liz Gelnette

Liz Gelnette began as an intern in 2011 before assisting as overnight staff support. With unwavering dedication to the mission and tireless service to Bethlehem House residents, Liz grew into the role of full-time aftercare specialist.

Liz assists our residents’ transition out of Bethlehem House and into their own place. She works to foster a sense of family togetherness and community for each woman and child by continuing to engage them in healthy family activities and educational classes. Liz makes home visits and challenges all graduates to reach new goals and overcome challenges.

In addition to her support to women in crisis, Liz gifts of her time to volunteer bi-weekly at a local nursing home where she enjoys the opportunity to connect with those most in need of love and compassion.

Liz earned her associates of applied science degree in human services from Metropolitan Community College.

Liz is married to John and together they have three children. They attend Church of Freedom.

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