Sister Patricia Forret, Secretary

Sister Patricia Forret is a member of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, West Midwest Community. Prior to her election to the Board of Directors in December of 2015, she volunteered at Bethlehem House initiating the Baby Cuddler Program.

Sister brings many years of executive-level Health Care experiences, including senior Vice President for Eastern Mercy Health System 1986 – 1997, as well as leadership positions for the Sisters of Mercy, including serving as President of the Omaha Regional Community 1998 – 2008.  She has served on numerous hospital boards and committees in several states and is currently serving as a member of Sisters of Mercy South Central FIDES, Inc. Board of Directors, a nonprofit corporation organized to provide funds to meet the needs of the frail, infirm, disabled and elderly Sisters of Mercy.

Sister Pat received her bachelor degree from the College of Saint Mary, a Masters in Administration from the University of Notre Dame and did a Research Fellowship in Ethics at Yale University.

To the question of what attracted her to Bethlehem House, without hesitation she said, “The babies—and, of course, their mothers!”

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